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Meta and IFF/HEIF

Meta and HEIF Options

IsoMedia files can be used as generic meta-data containers, for examples storing XML information and sample images for a movie. The resulting file may not always contain a movie as is the case with some HEIF files or MPEG-21 files.

These information can be stored at the file root level, as is the case for HEIF/IFF and MPEG-21 file formats, or at the movie or track level for a regular movie.

-set-meta ABCD[:tk=tkID]: set meta box type, with ABCD the four char meta type (NULL or 0 to remove meta)
tk not set: use root (file) meta
tkID == 0: use moov meta
* tkID != 0: use meta of given track

-add-item (string): add resource to meta, with parameter syntax file_path[:opt1:optN]
file_path this or self: item is the file itself
tk=tkID: meta location (file, moov, track)
name=str: item name, none if not set
type=itype: item 4cc type (not needed if mime is provided)
mime=mtype: item mime type, none if not set
encoding=enctype: item content-encoding type, none if not set
id=ID: item ID
ref=4cc,id: reference of type 4cc to an other item (can be set multiple times)
group=id,type: indicate the id and type of an alternate group for this item
replace: replace existing item by new item

-add-image (string): add the given file as HEIF image item, with parameter syntax file_path[:opt1:optN]. If filepath is omitted, source is the input MP4 file
name, id, ref: see -add-item
primary: indicate that this item should be the primary item
time=t[-e][/i]: use the next sync sample after time t (float, in sec, default 0). A negative time imports ALL intra frames as items
- If e is set (float, in sec), import all sync samples between t and e
- If i is set (float, in sec), sets time increment between samples to import
split_tiles: for an HEVC tiled image, each tile is stored as a separate item
image-size=wxh: force setting the image size and ignoring the bitstream info, used for grid, overlay and identity derived images also
rotation=a: set the rotation angle for this image to 90a degrees anti-clockwise
mirror-axis=axis: set the mirror axis: vertical, horizontal
clap=Wn,Wd,Hn,Hd,HOn,HOd,VOn,VOd: see track clap
image-pasp=axb: force the aspect ratio of the image
image-pixi=(a|a,b,c): force the bit depth (1 or 3 channels)
hidden: indicate that this image item should be hidden
icc_path: path to icc data to add as color info
alpha: indicate that the image is an alpha image (should use ref=auxl also)
depth: indicate that the image is a depth image (should use ref=auxl also)
it=ID: indicate the item ID of the source item to import
itp=ID: same as it= but copy over all properties of the source item
tk=tkID: indicate the track ID of the source sample. If 0, uses the first video track in the file
samp=N: indicate the sample number of the source sample
ref: do not copy the data but refer to the final sample/item location, ignored if filepath is set
agrid[=AR]: creates an automatic grid from the image items present in the file, in their declaration order. The grid will try to have AR aspect ratio if specified (float), or the aspect ratio of the source otherwise. The grid will be the primary item and all other images will be hidden
av1_op_index: select the AV1 operating point to use via a1op box
replace: replace existing image by new image, keeping props listed in keep_props
keep_props=4CCs: coma-separated list of properties types to keep when replacing the image, e.g. keep_props=auxC
auxt=URN: mark image as auxiliary using given URN
auxd=FILE: use data from FILE as auxiliary extensions (cf auxC box)
- any other options will be passed as options to the media importer, see -add

-add-derived-image (string): create an image grid, overlay or identity item, with parameter syntax :type=(grid|iovl|iden)[:opt1:optN]
image-grid-size=rxc: set the number of rows and columns of the grid
image-overlay-offsets=h,v[,h,v]: set the horizontal and vertical offsets of the images in the overlay
image-overlay-color=r,g,b,a: set the canvas color of the overlay [0-65535]
- any other options from -add-image can be used

-rem-item,-rem-image item_ID[:tk=tkID]: remove resource from meta
-set-primary item_ID[:tk=tkID]: set item as primary for meta
-set-xml xml_file_path[:tk=tkID][:binary]: set meta XML data
-rem-xml [tk=tkID]: remove meta XML data
-dump-xml file_path[:tk=tkID]: dump meta XML to file
-dump-item item_ID[:tk=tkID][:path=fileName]: dump item to file
-package (string): package input XML file into an ISO container, all media referenced except hyperlinks are added to file
-mgt (string): package input XML file into an MPEG-U widget with ISO container, all files contained in the current folder are added to the widget package