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AVC/HEVC reframer

Register name used to load filter: rfnalu
This filter may be automatically loaded during graph resolution.

This filter parses AVC|H264 and HEVC files/data and outputs corresponding video PID and frames.
This filter produces ISOBMFF-compatible output: start codes are removed, NALU length field added and avcC/hvcC config created.
Note: The filter uses negative CTS offsets: CTS is correct, but some frames may have DTS greater than CTS.


fps (frac, default: 0/1000): import frame rate (0 default to FPS from bitstream or 25 Hz)
index (dbl, default: -1.0): indexing window length. If 0, bitstream is not probed for duration. A negative value skips the indexing if the source file is larger than 20M (slows down importers) unless a play with start range > 0 is issued
explicit (bool, default: false): use explicit layered (SVC/LHVC) import
strict_poc (enum, default: off): delay frame output of an entire GOP to ensure CTS info is correct when POC suddenly changes

  • off: disable GOP buffering
  • on: enable GOP buffering, assuming no error in POC
  • error: enable GOP buffering and try to detect lost frames

nosei (bool, default: false): remove all sei messages
nosvc (bool, default: false): remove all SVC/MVC/LHVC data
novpsext (bool, default: false): remove all VPS extensions
importer (bool, default: false): compatibility with old importer, displays import results
nal_length (uint, default: 4): set number of bytes used to code length field: 1, 2 or 4
subsamples (bool, default: false): import subsamples information
deps (bool, default: false): import sample dependency information
seirw (bool, default: true): rewrite AVC sei messages for ISOBMFF constraints
audelim (bool, default: false): keep Access Unit delimiter in payload
notime (bool, default: false): ignore input timestamps, rebuild from 0
dv_mode (enum, default: auto): signaling for DolbyVision

  • none: never signal DV profile
  • auto: signal DV profile if RPU or EL are found
  • clean: do not signal and remove RPU and EL NAL units
  • single: signal DV profile if RPU are found and remove EL NAL units

dv_profile (uint, default: 0): profile for DolbyVision (currently defined profiles are 4, 5, 7, 8, 9), 0 for auto-detect
dv_compatid (enum, default: auto): cross-compatibility ID for DolbyVision

  • auto: auto-detect
  • none: no cross-compatibility
  • hdr10: CTA HDR10, as specified by EBU TR 03
  • bt709: SDR BT.709
  • hlg709: HLG BT.709 gamut in ITU-R BT.2020
  • hlg2100: HLG BT.2100 gamut in ITU-R BT.2020
  • bt2020: SDR BT.2020
  • brd: Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc HDR

bsdbg (enum, default: off): debug NAL parsing in media@debug logs

  • off: not enabled
  • on: enabled
  • full: enable with number of bits dumped