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OpenHEVC decoder

Register name used to load filter: ohevcdec
This filter may be automatically loaded during graph resolution.

This filter decodes HEVC and LHVC (HEVC scalable extensions) from one or more PIDs through the OpenHEVC library


threading (enum, default: frame): set threading mode
frameslice: parallel decoding of both frames and slices
frame: parallel decoding of frames
* slice: parallel decoding of slices

nb_threads (uint, default: 0): set number of threads (if 0, uses number of cores minus one)
no_copy (bool, default: false): directly dispatch internal decoded frame without copy
pack_hfr (bool, default: false): pack 4 consecutive frames in a single output
seek_reset (bool, default: false): reset decoder when seeking
force_stereo (bool, default: true): use stereo output for multiview (top-bottom only)
reset_switch (bool, default: false): reset decoder at config change