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MPEH-H Audio Stream reframer

Register name used to load filter: rfmhas
This filter may be automatically loaded during graph resolution.

This filter parses MHAS files/data and outputs corresponding audio PID and frames.
By default, the filter expects a MHAS stream with SYNC packets set, otherwise tune-in will fail. Using nosync=false can help parsing bitstreams with no SYNC packets.
The default behavior is to dispatch a framed MHAS bitstream. To demultiplex into a raw MPEG-H Audio, use mpha.


index (dbl, default: 1.0): indexing window length
mpha (bool, default: false): demultiplex MHAS and only forward audio frames
pcksync (uint, default: 4): number of unknown packets to tolerate before considering sync is lost
nosync (bool, default: true): initial sync state