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FFmpeg demultiplexer

Register name used to load filter: ffdmx
This filter may be automatically loaded during graph resolution.

This filter demultiplexes an input file or open a source protocol using FFmpeg.
See FFmpeg documentation ( for more details.
To list all supported demultiplexers for your GPAC build, use gpac -h ffdmx:*.
This will list both supported input formats and protocols.
Input protocols are listed with Description: Input protocol, and the subclass name identifies the protocol scheme.
For example, if ffdmx:rtmp is listed as input protocol, this means rtmp:// source URLs are supported.


src (cstr): URL of source content
reparse (bool, default: false): force reparsing of stream content (AVC,HEVC,VVC,AV1 only for now)
block_size (uint, default: 4096): block size used to read file when using GFIO context
strbuf_min (uint, default: 1MB): internal buffer size when demuxing from GPAC's input stream
* (str): any possible options defined for AVFormatContext and sub-classes. See gpac -hx ffdmx and gpac -hx ffdmx:*