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MPEG Transport Stream splitter

Register name used to load filter: tssplit
This filter is not checked during graph resolution and needs explicit loading.

This filter splits an MPEG-2 transport stream into several single program transport streams.
Only the PAT table is rewritten, other tables (PAT, PMT) and streams (PES) are forwarded as is.
If dvb is set, global DVB tables of the input multiplex are forwarded to each output mux; otherwise these tables are discarded.


dvb (bool, default: true): forward all packets from global DVB PIDs
mux_id (sint, default: -1): set initial ID of output mux; the first program will use mux_id, the second mux_id+1, etc. If not set, this value will be set to sourceMuxId*255
avonly (bool, default: true): do not forward programs with no AV component
nb_pack (uint, default: 10): pack N packets before sending