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FFMPEG encoder

Register name used to load filter: ffenc
This filter may be automatically loaded during graph resolution.

This filter encodes audio and video streams using FFMPEG.
See FFMPEG documentation ( for more details.
To list all supported encoders for your GPAC build, use gpac -h ffenc:*.

The filter will try to resolve the codec name in c against a libavcodec codec name (e.g. libx264) and use it if found.
If not found, it will consider the name to be a GPAC codec name and find a codec for it. In that case, if no pixel format is given, codecs will be enumerated to find a matching pixel format.

Options can be passed from prompt using --OPT=VAL (global options) or appending ::OPT=VAL to the desired encoder filter.

The filter will look for property TargetRate on input PID to set the desired bitrate per PID.

The filter will force a closed gop boundary:
- at each packet with a FileNumber property set or a CueStart property set to true.
- if fintra and rc is set.

When forcing a closed GOP boundary, the filter will flush, destroy and recreate the encoder to make sure a clean context is used, as currently many encoders in libavcodec do not support clean reset when forcing picture types.
If fintra is not set and the output of the encoder is a DASH session in live profile without segment timeline, fintra will be set to the target segment duration and rc will be set.

The filter will look for property logpass on input PID to set 2-pass log filename, otherwise defaults to ffenc2pass-PID.log.

Arguments may be updated at runtime. If rld is set, the encoder will be flushed then reloaded with new options.
If codec is video and fintra is set, reload will happen at next forced intra; otherwise, reload happens at next encode.
The rld option is usually needed for dynamic updates of rate control parameters, since most encoders in ffmpeg do not support it.


c (str): codec identifier. Can be any supported GPAC codec name or ffmpeg codec name - updated to ffmpeg codec name after initialization
pfmt (pfmt, default: none): pixel format for input video. When not set, input format is used
fintra (frac, default: -1/1): force intra / IDR frames at the given period in sec, e.g. fintra=2 will force an intra every 2 seconds and fintra=1001/1000 will force an intra every 30 frames on 30000/1001=29.97 fps video; ignored for audio
all_intra (bool, default: false, updatable): only produce intra frames
ls (bool, default: false): log stats
rc (bool, default: false): reset encoder when forcing intra frame (some encoders might not support intra frame forcing)
rld (bool, default: false, updatable): force reloading of encoder when arguments are updated
* (str): any possible options defined for AVCodecContext and sub-classes. see gpac -hx ffenc and gpac -hx ffenc:*