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FFMPEG BitStream filter

Register name used to load filter: ffbsf
This filter is not checked during graph resolution and needs explicit loading.

This filter provides bitstream filters (BSF) for compressed audio and video formats.
See FFMPEG documentation ( for more details
To list all supported bitstream filters for your GPAC build, use gpac -h ffbsf:*.

Several BSF may be specified in f for different coding types. BSF not matching the coding type are silently ignored.
When no BSF matches the input coding type, or when f is empty, the filter acts as a passthrough filter.

Options are specified after the desired filters:
- ffbsf:f=h264_metadata:video_full_range_flag=0
- ffbsf:f=h264_metadata,av1_metadata:video_full_range_flag=0:color_range=tv

Note: Using BSFs on some media types (e.g. avc, hevc) may trigger creation of a reframer filter (e.g. rfnalu)


f (strl): bitstream filters name - see filter help
* (str): any possible options defined for AVBitstreamFilter and sub-classes. See gpac -hx ffbsf and gpac -hx ffbsf:*