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This part of the wiki describes general concepts of the GPAC filter architecture, available starting from GPAC 0.9.0.

The new architecture allows describing media pipelines as a sequence of processing blocks called filters. Filters in GPAC can be pretty much anything: file/pipe/network access objects, (de-)multiplexers, de/encoders, media segmenters (for HTTP Adaptive Streaming), RTSP server, playlist manager and of course raw domain effects.

For more information on this rearchitecture, look here.

Historical applications of GPAC (MP4Box, players) typically provide a fixed media pipeline (import or playback) based on a subset of GPAC filters; these pipelines may optionally be extended with custom filters, as illustrated for MP4Box.

These applications cannot however create other media pipelines than their built-in ones; a new application, called gpac, has been added to GPAC to allow building completely custom media pipelines, as described here.

In this section of the website, you will find the documentation of all options of libgpac, the gpac application and all filters currently built-in. As of 0.9.0, this documentation is automatically generated from the source tree at each new commit.