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Compressed layered bitstream aggregator

Register name used to load filter: bsagg
This filter is not checked during graph resolution and needs explicit loading.
Filters of this class can connect to each-other.

This filter aggregates layers and sublayers into a single output PID.

The filter supports AVC|H264, HEVC and VVC stream reconstruction, and is passthrough for other codec types.

Aggregation is based on temporalID value (start from 1) and layerID value (start from 0).
For AVC|H264, layerID is the dependency value, or quality value if svcqid is set.

The filter can also be used on AVC and HEVC DolbyVision dual-streams to aggregate base stream and DV RPU/EL.

The filter does not forward aggregator or extractor NAL units.


svcqid (bool, default: false): use qualityID instead of dependencyID for SVC splitting