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GSF demultiplexer

Register name used to load filter: gsfdmx
This filter may be automatically loaded during graph resolution.

This filter provides GSF (GPAC Serialized Format) demultiplexing.
It de-serializes the stream states (config/reconfig/info update/remove/eos) and packets in the GSF bytestream.
This allows either reading a session saved to file, or receiving the state/data of streams from another instance of GPAC using either pipes or sockets

The stream format can be encrypted in AES 128 CBC mode, in which case the demultiplexing filter must be given a 128 bit key.


key (mem): key for decrypting packets
magic (str): magic string to check in setup packet
mq (uint, default: 4): set max packet queue length for loss detection. 0 will flush incomplete packet when a new one starts
pad (uint, default: 0, minmax: 0-255): byte value used to pad lost packets