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RAW video reframer

Register name used to load filter: rfrawvid
This filter may be automatically loaded during graph resolution.

This filter parses raw YUV and RGB files/data and outputs corresponding raw video PID and frames.

The filter also parses YUV4MPEG format.


size (v2di, default: 0x0): source video resolution
spfmt (pfmt, default: none, minmax: none,yuv420,yvu420,yuv420_10,yuv422,yuv422_10,yuv444,yuv444_10,uyvy,vyuy,yuyv,yvyu,uyvl,vyul,yuyl,yvyl,nv12,nv21,nv1l,nv2l,yuva,yuvd,yuv444a,yuv444p,v308,yuv444ap,v408,v410,v210,grey,algr,gral,rgb4,rgb5,rgb6,rgba,argb,bgra,abgr,rgb,bgr,xrgb,rgbx,xbgr,bgrx,rgbd,rgbds,uncv): source pixel format. When not set, derived from file extension
fps (frac, default: 25/1): number of frames per second
copy (bool, default: false): copy source bytes into output frame. If not set, source bytes are referenced only