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GPAC Log System

libgpac logs options:

-noprog: disable progress messages
-quiet: disable all messages, including errors
-log-file,-lf (string): set output log file
-log-clock,-lc: log time in micro sec since start time of GPAC before each log line except for app tool
-log-utc,-lu: log UTC time in ms before each log line except for app tool
-logs (string): set log tools and levels.

You can independently log different tools involved in a session.
log_args is formatted as a colon (':') separated list of toolX[:toolZ]@levelX
levelX can be one of:

  • quiet: skip logs
  • error: logs only error messages
  • warning: logs error+warning messages
  • info: logs error+warning+info messages
  • debug: logs all messages

toolX can be one of:

  • core: libgpac core
  • mutex: log all mutex calls
  • mem: GPAC memory tracker
  • module: GPAC modules (av out, font engine, 2D rasterizer)
  • filter: filter session debugging
  • sched: filter session scheduler debugging
  • codec: codec messages (used by encoder and decoder filters)
  • coding: bitstream formats (audio, video, scene)
  • container: container formats (ISO File, MPEG-2 TS, AVI, ...) and multiplexer/demultiplexer filters
  • network: TCP/UDP sockets and TLS
  • http: HTTP traffic
  • cache: HTTP cache subsystem
  • rtp: RTP traffic
  • dash: HTTP streaming logs
  • route: ROUTE (ATSC3) debugging
  • media: messages from generic filters and reframer/rewriter filters
  • parser: textual parsers (svg, xmt, bt, ...)
  • mmio: I/O management (AV devices, file, pipes, OpenGL)
  • audio: audio renderer/mixer/output
  • script: script engine except console log
  • console: script console log
  • scene: scene graph and scene manager
  • compose: composition engine (2D, 3D, etc)
  • ctime: media and SMIL timing info from composition engine
  • interact: interaction messages (UI events and triggered DOM events and VRML route)
  • rti: run-time stats of compositor
  • all: all tools logged - other tools can be specified afterwards.

The special keyword ncl can be set to disable color logs.
The special keyword strict can be set to exit at first error.



This moves all log to info level, dash to debug level and disable color logs

-proglf: use new line at each progress messages
-log-dual,-ld: output to both file and stderr