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Audio resampler

Register name used to load filter: resample
This filter may be automatically loaded during graph resolution.
Filters of this class can connect to each-other.

This filter resamples raw audio to a target sample rate, number of channels or audio format.


och (uint, default: 0): desired number of output audio channels (0 for auto)
osr (uint, default: 0): desired sample rate of output audio (0 for auto)
osfmt (afmt, default: none): desired sample format of output audio (none for auto)
olayout (alay, Enum: mono|stereo|3/0.0|3/1.0|3/2.0|3/2.1|5/2.1|1+1|2/1.0|2/2.0|3/3.1|3/4.1|11/11.2|5/2.1|5/5.2|5/4.1|6/5.1|6/7.1|5/6.1|7/6.1): desired CICP layout of output audio (null for auto)