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Built-in Filters properties

GPAC Built-in properties

Built-in property types

Name Description
sint signed 32 bit integer
uint unsigned 32 bit integer
lsint signed 64 bit integer
luint unsigned 32 bit integer
bool boolean
frac 32/32 bit fraction
lfrac 64/64 bit fraction
flt 32 bit float number
dbl 64 bit float number
v2di 2D 32-bit integer vector
v2d 2D 64-bit float vector
v3di 3D 32-bit integer vector
v4di 4D 32-bit integer vector
str UTF-8 string
mem data buffer
cstr const UTF-8 string
cmem const data buffer
ptr 32 or 64 bit pointer
strl UTF-8 string list
uintl unsigned 32 bit integer list
sintl signed 32 bit integer list
v2il 2D 32-bit integer vector list
4cc Four character code
4ccl four-character codes list
pfmt raw pixel format
afmt raw audio format
cprm color primaries, string or int value from ISO/IEC 23091-2
ctfc color transfer characteristics, string or int value from ISO/IEC 23091-2
cmxc color matrix coefficients, string or int value from ISO/IEC 23091-2
alay channel layout configuration, string or int value from ISO/IEC 23091-3

Built-in properties for PIDs and packets, pixel formats and audio formats

Flags can be:

  • D: droppable property, see GSF multiplexer filter help for more info
  • P: property applying to packet
Name type Flags Description 4CC
ID uint Stream ID PIDI
ItemID uint ID of image item in HEIF, same value as ID ITID
ItemNumber uint Number (1-based) of image item in HEIF, in order of declaration in file ITIX
TrackNumber uint Number (1-based) of track in order of declaration in file PIDX
ServiceID uint D ID of parent service PSID
ClockID uint D ID of clock reference PID CKID
DependencyID uint ID of layer depended on DPID
SubLayer bool PID is a sublayer of the stream depended on rather than an enhancement layer DPSL
PlaybackMode uint D Playback mode supported:
- 0: no time control
- 1: play/pause/seek,speed=1
- 2: play/pause/seek,speed>=0
- 3: play/pause/seek, reverse playback
Scalable bool Scalable stream SCAL
TileBase bool Tile base stream SABT
TileID uint ID of the tile for hvt1/hvt2 PIDs PTID
Language cstr Language code: ISO639 2/3 character code or RFC 4646 LANG
ServiceName str D Name of parent service SNAM
ServiceProvider str D Provider of parent service SPRO
StreamType uint Media stream type PMST
StreamSubtype 4cc D Media subtype 4CC (auxiliary, pic sequence, etc ..), matches ISOM handler type PSST
ISOMSubtype 4cc D ISOM media subtype 4CC (avc1 avc2...) PIST
OrigStreamType uint Original stream type before encryption POST
CodecID uint Codec ID (MPEG-4 OTI or ISOBMFF 4CC) POTI
InitialObjectDescriptor bool PID is declared in the IOD for MPEG-4 PIOD
Unframed bool The media data is not framed, i.e. each packet is not a complete AU/frame or is not in internal format (e.g. annexB for avc/hevc, adts for aac) PFRM
UnframedAU bool The unframed media still has correct AU boundaries: one packet is one full AU, but the packet format might not be the internal one (e.g. annexB for avc/hevc, adts for aac) PFRF
LATM bool Media is unframed AAC in LATM format LATM
Duration lfrac Media duration (a negative value means an estimated duration based on rate) PDUR
NumFrames uint D Number of frames in the stream NFRM
FrameOffset uint D Index of first frame in the stream (used for reporting) FRMO
ConstantFrameSize uint Size of the frames for constant frame size streams CFRS
TimeshiftDepth frac D Depth of the timeshift buffer PTSD
TimeshiftTime dbl D Time in the timeshift buffer in seconds - changes are signaled through PID info (no reconfigure) PTST
TimeshiftState uint D State of timeshift buffer: 0 is OK, 1 is underflow, 2 is overflow - changes are signaled through PID info (no reconfigure) PTSS
Timescale uint Media timescale (a timestamp delta of N is N/timescale seconds) TIMS
ProfileLevel uint D Profile and level indication PRPL
DecoderConfig mem Decoder configuration data DCFG
DecoderConfigEnhancement mem Decoder configuration data of the enhancement layer(s). Also used by 3GPP/Apple text streams to give the full sample description table used in SDP. ECFG
DSISuperset bool Decoder config is a superset of previous decoder config DCFS
DecoderConfigIndex uint 1-based index of decoder config for ISO base media files ICFG
SampleRate uint Audio sample rate AUSR
SamplesPerFrame uint Number of audio sample in one coded frame FRMS
NumChannels uint Number of audio channels CHNB
BPS uint Number of bits per sample in compressed source ABPS
ChannelLayout luint Channel Layout mask CHLO
AudioFormat afmt Audio sample format AFMT
AudioPlaybackSpeed dbl D Audio playback speed, only used for audio output reconfiguration ASPD
Delay lsint Delay of presentation compared to composition timestamps, in media timescale. Positive value imply holding (delaying) the stream. Negative value imply skipping the beginning of stream MDLY
CTSShift uint CTS offset to apply in case of negative ctts MDTS
SkipPriming bool Audio priming shall not to be removed when initializing decoding ASKP
Width uint Visual Width (video / text / graphics) WIDT
Height uint Visual Height (video / text / graphics) HEIG
PixelFormat pfmt Pixel format PFMT
PixelFormatWrapped pfmt Underlying pixel format of video stream if pixel format is external GL texture PFMW
Stride uint Image or Y/alpha plane stride VSTY
StrideUV uint UV plane or U/V planes stride VSTC
BitDepthLuma uint Bit depth for luma components YBPS
BitDepthChroma uint Bit depth for chroma components CBPS
FPS frac Video framerate VFPF
Interlaced bool Video is interlaced VILC
SAR frac Sample (i.e. pixel) aspect ratio (negative values mean no SAR and removal of info in containers) PSAR
MaxWidth uint Maximum width (video / text / graphics) of all enhancement layers MWID
MaxHeight uint Maximum height (video / text / graphics) of all enhancement layers MHEI
ZOrder sint Z-order of the video, from 0 (first) to max int (last) VZIX
TransX sint Horizontal translation of the video (positive towards right) VTRX
TransY sint Vertical translation of the video (positive towards up) VTRY
TransXRight sint Horizontal offset of the video from right (positive towards right), for cases where reference width is unknown VTRx
TransYTop sint Vertical translation of the video (0 is top, positive towards down), for cases where reference height is unknown VTRy
Hidden bool PID is hidden in visual/audio rendering HIDE
CropOrigin v2di Position in source window, X,Y indicate coordinates in source (0,0 for top-left) VCXY
OriginalSize v2di Original resolution of video VOWH
SRD v4di Position and size of the video in the referential given by SRDRef SRD
SRDRef v2di Width and Height of the SRD referential SRDR
SRDMap uintl Mapping of input videos in reconstructed video, expressed as {Ox,Oy,Ow,Oh,Dx,Dy,Dw,Dh} per input, with:
- Ox,Oy,Ow,Oh: position and size of the input video (usually matching its SRD property), expressed in the output referential given by SRDRef
- Dx,Dy,Dw,Dh: Position and Size of the input video in the reconstructed output, expressed in the output referential given by SRDRef
Alpha bool Video in this PID is an alpha map VALP
Mirror uint Mirror mode (as bit mask with flags 0: no mirror, 1: along Y-axis, 2: along X-axis) VMIR
Rotate uint Video rotation as value*90 degree anti-clockwise VROT
ClapW frac Width of clean aperture in luma pixels CLPW
ClapH frac Height of clean aperture in luma pixels CLPH
ClapX frac Horizontal offset of clean aperture center in luma pixels, 0 at image center CLPX
ClapY frac Vertical offset of clean aperture center in luma pixels, 0 at image center CLPY
NumViews uint Number of views packed in a frame (top-to-bottom only) PNBV
Bitrate uint Bitrate in bps RATE
Maxrate uint Max bitrate in bps MRAT
TargetRate uint Target bitrate in bps, used to setup encoders TBRT
DBSize uint Decode buffer size in bytes DBSZ
MediaDataSize luint D Size in bytes of media data MDSZ
DataRef bool D Data referencing is possible (each compressed frame is a continuous set of bytes in source, with no transformation) DREF
URL str D URL of source FURL
RemoteURL str D Remote URL of source - used for MPEG-4 systems RURL
RedirectURL str D Redirection URL of source RELO
SourcePath str D Path of source file on file system FSRC
MIMEType str D MIME type of source MIME
Extension str D File extension of source FEXT
Cached bool D File is completely cached CACH
DownloadRate uint D Download rate of resource in bits per second - changes are signaled through PID info (no reconfigure) DLBW
DownloadSize luint D Size of resource in bytes DLSZ
DownBytes luint D Number of bytes downloaded - changes are signaled through PID info (no reconfigure) DLBD
ByteRange lfrac D Byte range of resource FBRA
DisableProgressive uint Some blocks in file need patching (replace or insertion) upon closing, potentially disabling progressive upload NPRG
IsoAltBrands 4ccl D ISOBMFF brands associated with PID/file ABRD
IsoBrand 4cc D ISOBMFF major brand associated with PID/file MBRD
MovieTime lfrac D ISOBMFF movie header duration and timescale MHTS
HasSync bool D PID has sync points PSYN
ServiceWidth uint D Display width of service DWDT
ServiceHeight uint D Display height of service DHGT
IsDefault bool D Default PID for this stream type PDEF
CarouselRate uint D Repeat rate in ms for systems carousel data CARA
AudioVolume uint D Volume of audio AVOL
AudioPan uint D Balance/Pan of audio APAN
AudioPriority uint D Audio thread priority APRI
ProtectionScheme 4cc Protection scheme type (4CC) used SCHT
SchemeVersion uint Protection scheme version used SCHV
SchemeURI str Protection scheme URI SCHU
KMS_URI str URI for key management system KMSU
SelectiveEncryption bool ISMA/OMA selective encryption is used ISSE
IVLength uint ISMA IV size ISIV
KILength uint ISMA KeyIndication size ISKI
CryptType uint OMA encryption type OMCT
ContentID str OMA Content ID OMID
TextualHeaders str OMA textual headers OMTH
PlaintextLen luint OMA size of plaintext data OMPT
CryptInfo str D URL (local file only) of crypt info file for this PID, use clear to force passthrough ECRI
DecryptInfo str D URL (local file only) of crypt info file for this PID - see decrypter help EDRI
SenderNTP luint DP NTP 64 bits timestamp at sender side or grabber side NTPS
ReceiverNTP luint DP Receiver NTP (64 bits timestamp) usually associated with the sender NTP property NTPR
UTC luint DP UTC timestamp (in milliseconds) of parent packet UTCD
Encrypted bool Packets for the stream are by default encrypted (however the encryption state is carried in packet crypt flags) - changes are signaled through PID info change (no reconfigure) EPCK
OMAPreview luint OMA Preview range ODPR
CENC_PSSH mem PSSH blob for CENC, formatted as (u32)NbSystems [ (bin128)SystemID(u32)version(u32)KID_count[ (bin128)keyID ] (u32)priv_size(char*priv_size)priv_data] PSSH
CENC_SAI mem P CENC SAI for the packet, formatted as (char(IV_Size))IV(u16)NbSubSamples [(u16)ClearBytes(u32)CryptedBytes] SAIS
KeyInfo mem Multi key info formatted as:
if (!IV_size) {;
CENCPattern frac CENC crypt pattern, CENC pattern, skip as frac.num crypt as frac.den CPTR
CENCStore 4cc Storage location 4CC of SAI data CSTR
CENCstsdMode uint Mode for CENC sample description when using clear samples:
- 0: single sample description is used
- 1: a clear clone of the sample description is created, inserted before the CENC sample description
- 2: a clear clone of the sample description is created, inserted after the CENC sample description
AMRModeSet uint ModeSet for AMR and AMR-WideBand AMST
SubSampleInfo mem Binary blob describing N subsamples of the sample, formatted as N [(u32)flags(u32)size(u32)codec_param(u8)priority(u8) discardable]. Subsamples for a given flag MUST appear in order, however flags can be interleaved SUBS
NALUMaxSize uint Max size of NAL units in stream - changes are signaled through PID info change (no reconfigure) NALS
FileNumber uint P Index of file when dumping to files FNUM
FileName str P Name of output file when dumping / dashing. Must be set on first packet belonging to new file FNAM
IDXName str P Name of index file when dashing MPEG-2 TS. Must be set on first packet belonging to new file INAM
FileSuffix str P File suffix name, replacement for $FS$ in tile templates FSUF
EODS bool P End of DASH segment EODS
CueStart bool P Set on packets marking the beginning of a DASH/HLS segment for cue-driven segmentation - see dasher help PCUS
MediaTime dbl D Corresponding media time of the parent packet (0 being the origin) MTIM
MaxFrameSize uint D Max size of frame in stream - changes are signaled through PID info change (no reconfigure) MFRS
AvgFrameSize uint D Average size of frame in stream (ISOBMFF only, static property) AFRS
MaxTSDelta uint D Maximum DTS delta between frames (ISOBMFF only, static property) MTSD
MaxCTSOffset uint D Maximum absolute CTS offset (ISOBMFF only, static property) MCTO
ConstantDuration uint D Constant duration of samples, 0 means variable duration (ISOBMFF only, static property) SCTD
TrackTemplate mem D ISOBMFF serialized track box for this PID, without any sample info (empty stbl and empty dref) ITKT
TrexTemplate mem D ISOBMFF serialized trex box for this PID ITXT
STSDTemplate mem D ISOBMFF serialized sample description box (stsd entry) for this PID ISTD
MovieUserData mem D ISOBMFF serialized moov UDTA and other moov-level boxes (list) for this PID IMUD
HandlerName str D ISOBMFF track handler name IHDL
TrackFlags uint D ISOBMFF track header flags ITKF
TrackMatrix sintl D ISOBMFF track header matrix ITKM
AltGroup uint D ISOBMFF alt group ID IALG
ForceNCTTS bool D ISOBMFF force negative CTS offsets IFNC
Disable bool D ISOBMFF disable flag ITKD
Period str D ID of DASH period PEID
PStart lfrac D DASH Period start - cf dasher help PEST
PDur lfrac D DASH Period duration - cf dasher help PEDU
Representation str D ID of DASH representation DRID
ASID uint D ID of parent DASH AS DAID
MuxSrc str D Name of mux source(s), set by dasher to direct its outputs MSRC
DashMode uint D DASH mode to be used by multiplexer if any, set by dasher. 0 is no DASH, 1 is regular DASH, 2 is VoD DMOD
SegSync bool D Indicate segment must be completely flushed before sending segment/fragment size events DFSS
DashDur frac D DASH target segment duration in seconds DDUR
Role strl D List of roles for this PID, where each role string can be a DASH role, a URN:role-value or any other string (this will throw a warning and use a custom URI for the role) ROLE
PDesc strl D List of descriptors for the DASH period containing this PID PDES
ASDesc strl D List of conditional descriptors for the DASH AdaptationSet containing this PID. If a PID with the same property type but different value is found, the PIDs will be in different AdaptationSets ACDS
ASCDesc strl D List of common descriptors for the DASH AdaptationSet containing this PID AADS
RDesc strl D List of descriptors for the DASH Representation containing this PID RDES
BUrl strl D List of base URLs for this PID BURL
Template str Template to use for DASH generation for this PID DTPL
StartNumber uint Start number to use for this PID - cf dasher help DRSN
xlink str D Remote period URL for DASH - cf dasher help XLNK
ClampDur lfrac D Max media duration to process from PID in DASH mode DCMD
HLSPL str D Name of the HLS variant playlist for this media HLVP
HLSGroup str D Name of HLS Group of a stream HLGI
HLSForce str D Force writing EXT-X-STREAM-INF if stream is in a rendition group, value is the name of associated groups (can be empty) HLFI
HLSMExt strl D List of extensions to add to the master playlist for this PID HLMX
HLSVExt strl D List of extensions to add to the variant playlist for this PID HLVX
DCue str D Name of a cue list file for this PID - see dasher help DCUE
DSegs uint D Number of DASH segments defined by the DASH cue info DCNS
Codec str D codec parameter string to force. If starting with '.', appended to ISOBMFF code point; otherwise replace the codec string CODS
SingleScale bool D Movie header should use the media timescale of the first track added DSTS
RequireReorder bool D PID packets come from source with losses and reordering happening (UDP) PUDP
Primary bool D Primary item in ISOBMFF PITM
DFMode uint D DASH forward mode is used for this PID. If 2, the manifest is also carried in packet propery DFWD
DFManifest str D Value of manifest in forward mode DMPD
DFVariant strl D Value of variant playlist in forward mode DHLV
DFVariantName strl D Value of variant playlist name in forward mode DHLN
DFPStart luint D Value of active period start time in forward mode DPST
HLSKey str URI, KEYFORMAT and KEYFORMATVERSIONS for HLS full segment encryption creation, Key URI otherwise ( decoding and sample-AES) HLSK
HLSIV mem Init Vector for HLS decode HLSI
CKUrl str URL for ClearKey licence server CCKU
ColorPrimaries cprm D Color primaries CPRM
ColorTransfer ctfc D Color transfer characteristics CTRC
ColorMatrix cmxc D Color matrix coefficient CMXC
FullRange bool D Color full range flag CFRA
Chroma uint D Chroma format (see ISO/IEC 23001-8 / 23091-2) CFMT
ChromaLoc uint D Chroma location (see ISO/IEC 23001-8 / 23091-2) CLOC
ContentLightLevel mem D Content light level, payload of clli box (see ISO/IEC 14496-12), can be set as a list of 2 integers in fragment declaration (e.g. "=max_cll,max_pic_avg_ll") CLLI
MasterDisplayColour mem D Master display colour info, payload of mdcv box (see ISO/IEC 14496-12), can be set as a list of 10 integers in fragment declaration (e.g. "=dpx0,dpy0,dpx1,dpy1,dpx2,dpy2,wpx,wpy,max,min") MDCV
ICC mem D ICC profile (see ISO 15076-1 or ICC.1) ICCP
SrcMagic luint D Magic number to store in the track, only used by importers PSMG
MuxIndex uint D Target track index in destination file, stored by lowest value first (not set by demultiplexers) TIDX
NoTSLoop bool Timestamps on this PID are adjusted in case of loops (used by TS multiplexer output) NTSL
MHAProfiles uintl D List of compatible profiles for this MPEG-H Audio object MHCP
FragStart uint DP Packet is a fragment start (value 1) or a segment start (value 2) PFRB
FragRange lfrac DP Start and end position in bytes of fragment if packet is a fragment or segment start PFRR
FragTFDT luint DP Decode time of first packet in fragmentt PFRT
SIDXRange lfrac DP Start and end position in bytes of sidx if packet is a fragment or segment start PFSR
MoofTemplate mem DP Serialized moof box corresponding to the start of a movie fragment or segment (with styp and optionally sidx) MFTP
InitSeg bool P Set to true if packet is a complete DASH init segment file PCKI
RawGrab uint D PID is a raw media grabber (webcam, microphone, etc...). Value 2 is used for front camera PGRB
KeepAfterEOS bool D PID must be kept alive after EOS (LASeR and BIFS) PKAE
CoverArt mem D PID cover art image data. If associated data is NULL, the data is carried in the PID PCOV
BufferLength uint D Playout buffer in ms PBPL
MaxBuffer uint D Maximum buffer occupancy in ms PBMX
ReBuffer uint D Rebuffer threshold in ms, 0 disable rebuffering PBRE
ViewIdx uint D View index for multiview (1 being left) VIDX
FragURL str D Fragment URL (without '#') of original URL (used by some filters to set the property on media PIDs) OFRA
ROUTEIP str D ROUTE session IP address RSIP
ROUTEPort uint D ROUTE session port number RSPN
ROUTEName str D Name (location) of raw file to advertise in ROUTE session RSFN
ROUTECarousel frac D Carousel period in seconds of raw file in ROUTE session RSCR
ROUTEUpload frac D Upload time in seconds of raw file in ROUTE session RSST
Stereo uint D Stereo type of video PSTT
Projection uint D Projection type of video PPJT
InitalPose v3di D Initial pose for 360 video, in degrees expressed as 16.16 bits (x is yaw, y is pitch, z is roll) PPOS
CMPad uint D Number of pixels to pad from edge of each face in cube map PCMP
EQRClamp v4di D Clamping of frame for EQR as 0.32 fixed point (x is top, y is bottom, z is left and w is right) PEQC
SceneNode bool PID is a scene node decoder (AFX BitWrapper in BIFS) PSND
OrigCryptoScheme 4cc Original crypto scheme on a decrypted PID POCS
TSBSegs uint D Time shift in number of segments for HAS streams, only set by dashin and dasher filters PTSN
IsManifest uint D PID is a HAS manifest (MSB=1 if live)
- 0: not a manifest
- 1: DASH manifest
- 2: HLS manifest
- 3: GHI(X) manifest
Sparse bool D PID has potentially empty times between packets PSPA
CharSet str D Character set for input text PID PCHS
ForcedSub uint D PID or Packet is forced sub
0: not forced
1: forced frame
2: all frames are forced (PID only)
ChapTimes uintl D Chapter start times CHPT
ChapNames strl D Chapter names CHPN
IsChap bool D Subtitle PID is chapter (for QT-like chapters) PCHP
SkipBegin uint P Amount of media to skip from beginning of packet in PID timescale PCKS
SkipPres bool P Packet and any following with CTS greater than this packet shall not be presented (used by reframer to create edit lists) PCKD
OriginalDuration frac P Elapsed time (.num) and original duration (.den, 0 if last copy of packet) for redundant packets PCOD
HLSRef luint DP HLS playlist reference, gives a unique ID identifying media mux, and indicated in packets carrying child playlists HPLR
LLHLS uint D HLS low latency mode HLSL
LLHLSFragNum uint P LLHLS fragment number HLSN
DownloadSession ptr D Pointer to download session GHTT
HasTemi bool D TEMI present flag PTEM
XPSMask uint DP Parameter set mask PXPM
RangeEnd bool P Signal packet is the last in the desired play range PCER

Pixel formats

Name File extensions QT 4CC  Description
yuv420 yuv j420 Planar YUV 420 8 bit
yvu420 yvu Planar YVU 420 8 bit
yuv420_10 yuvl Planar YUV 420 10 bit
yuv422 yuv2 Planar YUV 422 8 bit
yuv422_10 yp2l Planar YUV 422 10 bit
yuv444 yuv4 Planar YUV 444 8 bit
yuv444_10 yp4l Planar YUV 444 10 bit
uyvy uyvy 2vuy Packed UYVY 422 8 bit
vyuy vyuy Packed VYUV 422 8 bit
yuyv yuyv yuv2 Packed YUYV 422 8 bit
yvyu yvyu YVYU Packed YVYU 422 8 bit
uyvl uyvl v216 Packed UYVY 422 10->16 bit
vyul vyul Packed VYUV 422 10->16 bit
yuyl yuyl Packed YUYV 422 10->16 bit
yvyl yvyl Packed YVYU 422 10->16 bit
nv12 nv12 Semi-planar YUV 420 8 bit, Y plane and UV packed plane
nv21 nv21 Semi-planar YVU 420 8 bit, Y plane and VU packed plane
nv1l nv1l Semi-planar YUV 420 10 bit, Y plane and UV plane
nv2l nv2l Semi-planar YVU 420 8 bit, Y plane and VU plane
yuva yuva Planar YUV+alpha 420 8 bit
yuvd yuvd Planar YUV+depth 420 8 bit
yuv444a yp4a Planar YUV+alpha 444 8 bit
yuv444p yv4p Packed YUV 444 8 bit
v308 v308 v308 Packed VYU 444 8 bit
yuv444ap y4ap Packed YUV+alpha 444 8 bit
v408 v408 v408 Packed UYV+alpha 444 8 bit
v410 v410 v410 Packed UYV 444 10 bit LE
v210 v210 v210 Packed UYVY 422 10 bit LE
grey grey Greyscale 8 bit
algr algr Alpha+Grey 8 bit
gral gral Grey+Alpha 8 bit
rgb4 rgb4 RGB 444, 12 bits (16 stored) / pixel
rgb5 rgb5 RGB 555, 15 bits (16 stored) / pixel
rgb6 rgb6 RGB 555, 16 bits / pixel
rgba rgba RGBA RGBA 32 bits (8 bits / component)
argb argb ARGB 32 bits (8 bits / component)
bgra bgra BGRA 32 bits (8 bits / component)
abgr abgr ABGR ABGR 32 bits (8 bits / component)
rgb rgb raw RGB 24 bits (8 bits / component)
bgr bgr BGR 24 bits (8 bits / component)
xrgb xrgb xRGB 32 bits (8 bits / component)
rgbx rgbx RGBx 32 bits (8 bits / component)
xbgr xbgr xBGR 32 bits (8 bits / component)
bgrx bgrx BGRx 32 bits (8 bits / component)
rgbd rgbd RGB+depth 32 bits (8 bits / component)
rgbds rgbds RGB+depth+bit shape (8 bits / RGB component, 7 bit depth (low bits) + 1 bit shape)
extgl extgl External OpenGL texture of unknown format, to be used with samplerExternalOES
uncv uncv Generic uncompressed format ISO/IEC 23001-17

Audio formats

Name File extensions Description
u8 pc8 8 bit PCM
s16 pcm 16 bit PCM Little Endian
s16b pcmb 16 bit PCM Big Endian
s24 s24 24 bit PCM
s24b s24b 24 bit Big-Endian PCM
s32 s32 32 bit PCM Little Endian
s32b s32b 32 bit PCM Big Endian
flt flt 32-bit floating point PCM
fltb fltb 32-bit floating point PCM Big Endian
dbl dbl 64-bit floating point PCM
dblb dblb 64-bit floating point PCM Big Endian
u8p pc8p 8 bit PCM planar
s16p pcmp 16 bit PCM Little Endian planar
s24p s24p 24 bit PCM planar
s32p s32p 32 bit PCM Little Endian planar
fltp fltp 32-bit floating point PCM planar
dblp dblp 64-bit floating point PCM planar

Stream types

Name Description
Visual Video or Image stream
Audio Audio stream
SceneDescription Scene stream
Text Text or subtitle stream
Metadata Metadata stream
File Raw file stream
Encrypted Encrypted media stream
ObjectDescriptor MPEG-4 ObjectDescriptor stream
ClockReference MPEG-4 Clock Reference stream
MPEG7 MPEG-7 description stream
OCI MPEG-4 ObjectContentInformation stream
Interaction MPEG-4 Interaction Sensor stream
Font MPEG-4 Font stream


The codec name identifies a codec within GPAC. There can be several names for a given codec. The first name is used as a default file extension when dumping a raw media stream.

NOTE: This table does not include meta filters (ffmpeg, ...). Use gpac -hx codecs to list them.

Name Description
bifs MPEG-4 BIFS v1 Scene Description
bifs2 MPEG-4 BIFS v2 Scene Description
bifsX MPEG-4 BIFS Extended Scene Description
od MPEG-4 ObjectDescriptor v1
od2 MPEG-4 ObjectDescriptor v2
interact MPEG-4 Interaction Stream
afx MPEG-4 AFX Stream
font MPEG-4 Font Stream
syntex MPEG-4 Synthetized Texture
m4txt MPEG-4 Streaming Text
laser MPEG-4 LASeR
saf MPEG-4 Simple Aggregation Format
cmp m4ve m4v MPEG-4 Visual part 2
264 avc h264 MPEG-4 AVC
avcps MPEG-4 AVC
svc avc 264 h264 MPEG-4 AVC
mvc MPEG-4 AVC
hvc hevc h265 HEVC Video
lhvc shvc mhvc HEVC Video Layered Extensions
m2vs MPEG-2 Visual Simple
m2v MPEG-2 Visual Main
m2v m2vsnr MPEG-2 Visual SNR
m2v m2vspat MPEG-2 Visual Spatial
m2v m2vh MPEG-2 Visual High
m2v m2v4 MPEG-2 Visual 422
m1v MPEG-1 Video
jpg jpeg JPEG Image
png PNG Image
jp2 j2k JPEG2000 Image
aac MPEG-4 AAC Audio
aac aac2m MPEG-2 AAC Audio Main
aac aac2l MPEG-2 AAC Audio Low Complexity
aac aac2s MPEG-2 AAC Audio Scalable Sampling Rate
mp3 m1a MPEG-1 Audio
mp2 MPEG-2 Audio
mp1 MPEG-1 Audio Layer 1
h263 H263 Video
h263 H263 Video
hvt1 HEVC tiles Video
evc evrc EVRC Voice
smv SMV Voice
qcp qcelp QCELP Voice
amr AMR Audio
amr amrwb AMR WideBand Audio
qcp evrcpv EVRC (PacketVideo MUX) Audio
vc1 SMPTE VC-1 Video
dirac Dirac Video
ac3 AC3 Audio
eac3 Enhanced AC3 Audio
mlp Dolby TrueHD
dra DRA Audio
g719 G719 Audio
dstc DTS Coherent Acoustics and Digital Surround Audio
dtsh DTS-HD High Resolution Audio and DTS-Master Audio
dstl DTS-HD Substream containing only XLLAudio
dtse DTS Express low bit rate Audio
dtsx DTS-X UHD Audio Profile 2
dtsy DTS-X UHD Audio Profile 3
opus Opus Audio
eti DVB Event Information
svgr SVG over RTP
svgzr SVG+gz over RTP
dims 3GPP DIMS Scene
vtt WebVTT Text
txt Simple Text Stream
mtxt Metadata Text Stream
mxml Metadata XML Stream
subs Subtitle text Stream
subx Subtitle XML Stream
tx3g Subtitle/text 3GPP/Apple Stream
ssa SSA /ASS Subtitles
theo theora Theora Video
vorb vorbis Vorbis Audio
opus Opus Audio
flac Flac Audio
spx speex Speex Audio
vobsub VobSub Subtitle
vobsub VobSub Subtitle
adpcm AD-PCM
alaw ALAW
mulaw MULAW
okiadpcm OKI ADPCM
dviadpcm DVI ADPCM
digistd DIGISTD
truespeech DSP TrueSpeech
g610 GSM 610
imulaw IBM MULAW
ialaw IBM ALAW
iadpcl IBM ADPCL
swf Adobe Flash
raw Raw media
uncv Raw Video
av1 ivf obu av1b AOM AV1 Video
vp8 ivf VP8 Video
vp9 ivf VP9 Video
vp10 ivf VP10 Video
mhas MPEG-H Audio
mhas MPEG-H AudioMux
prores apch ProRes Video 422 HQ
prores apco ProRes Video 422 Proxy
prores apcn ProRes Video 422 STD
prores apcs ProRes Video 422 LT
prores ap4x ProRes Video 4444 XQ
prores ap4h ProRes Video 4444
ffmpeg FFmpeg unmapped codec
tmcd QT TimeCode
scte SCTE35
evte Event Messages
vvc 266 h266 VVC Video
vvs1 VVC Subpicture Video
usac xheaac xHEAAC / USAC Audio
ffv1 FFmpeg Video Codec 1
dvbs DVB Subtitles
dvbs DVB-TeleText
div3 MS-MPEG4 V3
caf Apple Lossless Audio
dnx AViD DNxHD

Audio channel layout code points (ISO/IEC 23091-3)

Name Integer value ChannelMask
mono 1 0x0000000000000004
stereo 2 0x0000000000000003
3/0.0 3 0x0000000000000007
3/1.0 4 0x0000000000000407
3/2.0 5 0x0000000000000037
3/2.1 6 0x000000000000003f
5/2.1 7 0x000000000000003f
1+1 8 0x0000000000000003
2/1.0 9 0x0000000000000403
2/2.0 10 0x0000000000000033
3/3.1 11 0x000000000000043f
3/4.1 12 0x000000000000033f
11/11.2 13 0x000000003ffe67cf
5/2.1 14 0x000000000006003f
5/5.2 15 0x000000000606603f
5/4.1 16 0x000000000036003f
6/5.1 17 0x00000000023e003f
6/7.1 18 0x00000600023e003f
5/6.1 19 0x000000000036630f
7/6.1 20 0x000000600036630f

Color Primaries code points (ISO/IEC 23091-2)

Name Integer value
reserved0 0
BT709 1
undef 2
reserved3 3
BT470M 4
BT470G 5
SMPTE170 6
SMPTE240 7
BT2020 9
SMPTE428 10
SMPTE431 11
SMPTE432 12
EBU3213 22

Transfer Characteristics code points (ISO/IEC 23091-2)

Name Integer value
reserved0 0
BT709 1
undef 2
reserved3 3
BT470M 4
BT470BG 5
SMPTE170 6
SMPTE249 7
Linear 8
Log100 9
Log316 10
IEC61966 11
BT1361 12
sRGB 13
BT2020_10 14
BT2020_12 15
SMPTE2084 16
SMPTE428 17
STDB67 18

Matrix Coefficients code points (ISO/IEC 23091-2)

Name Integer value
BT709 1
undef 2
unknown 3
BT601 5
SMPTE170 6
SMPTE240 7
YCgCo 8
BT2020 9
BT2020cl 10
YDzDx 11

Extensions and mime types

Extension name can be used to force output formats using ext= option of sink filters.
By default, GPAC does not rely on file extension for source processing unless -no-probe option is set, in which case ext= option may be set on source filter.
NOTE: This table does not include meta filters (ffmpeg, ...), use gpac -hx formats to list them.

Extension Input Filter(s) Output Filter(s) Mime(s)
mp4 mp4dmx mp4mx video/mp4 audio/mp4 application/mp4
mpg4 mp4dmx mp4mx application/mp4
m4a mp4dmx mp4mx audio/mp4
m4i mp4dmx mp4mx application/mp4
3gp mp4dmx mp4mx video/3gpp audio/3gpp
3gpp mp4dmx mp4mx video/3gpp audio/3gpp
3g2 mp4dmx mp4mx video/3gp2 audio/3gp2
3gp2 mp4dmx mp4mx video/3gp2 audio/3gp2
iso mp4dmx mp4mx video/mp4 audio/mp4 application/mp4
m4s mp4dmx mp4mx video/iso.segment audio/iso.segment
iff mp4dmx mp4mx image/heif
heif mp4dmx mp4mx image/heif
heic mp4dmx mp4mx image/heic
avif mp4dmx mp4mx image/avci
avci mp4dmx mp4mx image/avci
mj2 mp4dmx mp4mx video/jp2
ismv mp4dmx mp4mx video/mp4 audio/mp4 application/mp4
mov mp4dmx mp4mx video/quicktime
qt mp4dmx mp4mx video/quicktime
bt btplay n/a application/x-bt
btz btplay n/a application/x-bt
bt.gz btplay n/a application/x-bt
xmt btplay n/a application/x-xmt
xmt.gz btplay n/a application/x-xmt
xmtz btplay n/a application/x-xmt
wrl btplay n/a model/vrml
wrl.gz btplay n/a model/vrml
x3dv btplay n/a model/x3d+vrml
x3dv.gz btplay n/a model/x3d+vrml
x3dvz btplay n/a model/x3d+vrml
x3d btplay n/a model/x3d+xml
x3d.gz btplay n/a model/x3d+xml
x3dz btplay n/a model/x3d+xml
swf btplay txtin n/a application/x-shockwave-flash
xsr btplay n/a application/x-LASeR+xml
svg svgplay n/a image/svg+xml
svgz svgplay n/a image/svg+xml
svg.gz svgplay n/a image/svg+xml
jpg rfimg writegen image/jpg
jpeg rfimg writegen image/jpg
jp2 rfimg writegen image/jp2
j2k rfimg writegen image/jp2
bmp rfimg writegen image/bmp
png rfimg writegen image/png
aac rfadts writegen audio/aac
adts rfadts writegen audio/aac
latm rflatm writegen audio/aac+latm
usac rflatm writegen audio/xheaac+latm
xheaac rflatm writegen audio/xheaac+latm
mp3 rfmp3 writegen audio/mp3 audio/x-mp3
mp2 rfmp3 writegen audio/mp3 audio/x-mp3
mp1 rfmp3 writegen audio/mp3 audio/x-mp3
ac3 rfac3 writegen audio/ac3
eac3 rfac3 writegen audio/eac3
ec3 rfac3 n/a audio/x-ac3 audio/ac3 audio/x-eac3 audio/eac3
amr rfamr writegen audio/amr
awb rfamr writegen audio/amr
evc rfamr writegen audio/x-evc
smv rfamr writegen audio/x-smv
oga oggdmx oggmx audio/ogg
spx oggdmx writegen oggmx audio/ogg
ogg oggdmx oggmx video/ogg
ogv oggdmx oggmx video/ogg
oggm oggdmx oggmx application/ogg
opus oggdmx oggmx audio/ogg
ts m2tsdmx m2tsmx video/mp2t
m2t m2tsdmx m2tsmx video/mp2t
mts m2tsdmx m2tsmx video/mp2t
dmb m2tsdmx m2tsmx video/mp2t
trp m2tsdmx m2tsmx video/mp2t
saf safdmx n/a application/x-saf application/saf
lsr safdmx n/a application/x-saf application/saf
mpd dashin dasher application/dash+xml
m3u8 dashin dasher application/
3gm dashin dasher application/vnd.3gpp.mpd
ism dashin dasher application/
qcp rfqcp writeqcp audio/qcelp audio/evr-qcp audio/smv-qcp
263 rfh263 writegen video/h263
h263 rfh263 writegen video/h263
s263 rfh263 writegen video/h263
cmp rfmpgvid writegen video/mp4v-es video/mpgv-es
m1v rfmpgvid writegen video/mp4v-es video/mpgv-es
m2v rfmpgvid writegen video/mp4v-es video/mpgv-es
m4v rfmpgvid writegen video/mp4v-es video/mpgv-es
nhnt nhntr nhntw application/x-nhnt
nhml nhmlr nhmlw application/x-nhml application/dims
dims nhmlr nhmlw application/x-nhml application/dims
dml nhmlr nhmlw application/x-nhml application/dims
264 rfnalu writegen video/h264
h264 rfnalu writegen video/h264
26l rfnalu writegen video/h264
h26l rfnalu writegen video/h264
avc rfnalu writegen video/h264
svc rfnalu writegen video/svc
mvc rfnalu writegen video/mvc
hevc rfnalu writegen video/hevc
hvc rfnalu writegen video/hevc
265 rfnalu writegen video/hevc
h265 rfnalu writegen video/hevc
lhvc rfnalu writegen video/lhvc
shvc rfnalu writegen video/shvc
mhvc rfnalu writegen video/mhvc
266 rfnalu writegen video/vvc
h266 rfnalu writegen video/vvc
vvc rfnalu writegen video/vvc
lvvc rfnalu writegen video/vvc
mpg m2psdmx n/a video/mpeg audio/mpeg video/mpegps
mpeg m2psdmx n/a video/mpeg audio/mpeg video/mpegps
vob m2psdmx n/a video/mpeg audio/mpeg video/mpegps
avi avidmx n/a video/avi video/x-avi
srt txtin writegen subtitle/srt
ttxt txtin writegen subtitle/x-ttxt
sub txtin vobsubdmx n/a subtitle/sub
vtt txtin writegen subtitle/vtt
txml txtin writegen x-quicktime/text
ttml txtin writegen subtitle/ttml
ssa txtin n/a subtitle/ssa
ass txtin n/a subtitle/ssa
sdp rtpin rtpout application/sdp
yuv rfrawvid writegen video/x-raw
yvu rfrawvid writegen video/x-raw
yuvl rfrawvid writegen video/x-raw
yuv2 rfrawvid writegen video/x-raw
yp2l rfrawvid writegen video/x-raw
yuv4 rfrawvid writegen video/x-raw
yp4l rfrawvid writegen video/x-raw
uyvy rfrawvid writegen video/x-raw
vyuy rfrawvid writegen video/x-raw
yuyv rfrawvid writegen video/x-raw
yvyu rfrawvid writegen video/x-raw
uyvl rfrawvid writegen video/x-raw
vyul rfrawvid writegen video/x-raw
yuyl rfrawvid writegen video/x-raw
yvyl rfrawvid writegen video/x-raw
nv12 rfrawvid writegen video/x-raw
nv21 rfrawvid writegen video/x-raw
nv1l rfrawvid writegen video/x-raw
nv2l rfrawvid writegen video/x-raw
yuva rfrawvid writegen video/x-raw
yuvd rfrawvid writegen video/x-raw
yp4a rfrawvid writegen video/x-raw
yv4p rfrawvid writegen video/x-raw
v308 rfrawvid writegen video/x-raw
y4ap rfrawvid writegen video/x-raw
v408 rfrawvid writegen video/x-raw
v410 rfrawvid writegen video/x-raw
v210 rfrawvid writegen video/x-raw
grey rfrawvid writegen video/x-raw
algr rfrawvid writegen video/x-raw
gral rfrawvid writegen video/x-raw
rgb4 rfrawvid writegen video/x-raw
rgb5 rfrawvid writegen video/x-raw
rgb6 rfrawvid writegen video/x-raw
rgba rfrawvid writegen video/x-raw
argb rfrawvid writegen video/x-raw
bgra rfrawvid writegen video/x-raw
abgr rfrawvid writegen video/x-raw
rgb rfrawvid writegen video/x-raw
bgr rfrawvid writegen video/x-raw
xrgb rfrawvid writegen video/x-raw
rgbx rfrawvid writegen video/x-raw
xbgr rfrawvid writegen video/x-raw
bgrx rfrawvid writegen video/x-raw
rgbd rfrawvid writegen video/x-raw
rgbds rfrawvid writegen video/x-raw
uncv rfrawvid writegen video/x-raw
pc8 rfpcm writegen audio/x-pcm
pcm rfpcm writegen audio/x-pcm
pcmb rfpcm writegen audio/x-pcm
s24 rfpcm writegen audio/x-pcm
s24b rfpcm writegen audio/x-pcm
s32 rfpcm writegen audio/x-pcm
s32b rfpcm writegen audio/x-pcm
flt rfpcm writegen audio/x-pcm
fltb rfpcm writegen audio/x-pcm
dbl rfpcm writegen audio/x-pcm
dblb rfpcm writegen audio/x-pcm
pc8p rfpcm writegen audio/x-pcm
pcmp rfpcm writegen audio/x-pcm
s24p rfpcm writegen audio/x-pcm
s32p rfpcm writegen audio/x-pcm
fltp rfpcm writegen audio/x-pcm
dblp rfpcm writegen audio/x-pcm
wav rfpcm writegen audio/wav audio/wave
obu rfav1 writegen video/x-ivf video/av1
av1 rfav1 writegen video/x-ivf video/av1
av1b rfav1 writegen video/x-ivf video/av1
ivf rfav1 writegen video/x-ivf video/av1
prores rfprores writegen video/prores
txt n/a writegen x-subtitle/srt subtitle/srt text/srt
xml n/a writegen subtitle/ttml text/ttml application/xml+ttml
qcelp n/a writegen audio/x-qcelp
theo n/a writegen video/x-theora
vorb n/a writegen audio/x-vorbis
flac rfflac writegen audio/flac
mhas rfmhas writegen audio/mpegh
vc1 ffdmx writegen video/vc1
mlp rftruehd writegen audio/truehd
thd rftruehd writegen audio/truehd
truehd rftruehd writegen audio/truehd
ffv1 n/a writegen video/x-ffv1
y4m rfrawvid writegen video/x-yuv4mpeg
dts ffdmx writegen audio/dts
idx vobsubdmx n/a text/vobsub
m3u flist n/a application/x-gpac-playlist
pl flist n/a application/x-gpac-playlist
ghix ghidmx dasher application/dash+xml video/vnd.3gpp.mpd audio/vnd.3gpp.mpd video/vnd.mpeg.dash.mpd audio/vnd.mpeg.dash.mpd audio/mpegurl video/mpegurl application/ application/x-gpac-ghi application/x-gpac-ghix
ghi n/a dasher application/dash+xml video/vnd.3gpp.mpd audio/vnd.3gpp.mpd video/vnd.mpeg.dash.mpd audio/vnd.mpeg.dash.mpd audio/mpegurl video/mpegurl application/ application/x-gpac-ghi application/x-gpac-ghix
gsf gsfdmx gsfmx application/x-gpac-sf
ignore |n/a writeuf n/a

Protocol Schemes

NOTE: This table does not include meta filters (ffmpeg, ...), use gpac -hx protocols to list them.

Scheme Input Filter(s) Output Filter(s)
file fin fout
isobmf fin n/a
gmem fin httpin n/a
gfio fin fout
http httpin httpout
https httpin httpout
dict httpin n/a
ftp httpin n/a
ftps httpin n/a
gopher httpin n/a
gophers httpin n/a
imap httpin n/a
imaps httpin n/a
mqtt httpin n/a
pop3 httpin n/a
pop3s httpin n/a
rtsp httpin rtpin rtspout
smb httpin n/a
smbs httpin n/a
smtp httpin n/a
smtps httpin n/a
telnet httpin n/a
tftp httpin n/a
tcp sockin sockout
udp sockin sockout
tcpu sockin sockout
udpu sockin sockout
rtp rtpin rtpout
rtspu rtpin n/a
rtsph rtpin rtspout
satip rtpin n/a
rtsps rtpin rtspout
pipe pin pout
atsc routein routeout
route routein routeout
mabr routein routeout
video ffavin n/a
audio ffavin n/a
av ffavin n/a