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GPAC developer guide


A complex project like GPAC wouldn’t exist and persist without the support of its community. Please contribute: a nice message, supporting us in our communication, reporting issues when you see them … any gesture, even the smallest ones, counts.

Getting support and reporting issues

Please use github issues for feature requests and bug reports. When filing a request there, please tag it as feature-request.

API documentation

The API documentation provides information on the GPAC Filter API.

GPAC's core is writen in C, but it can be easily extended using Javascipt Filters, used in a Python or NodeJS application.



Detailed build Build instructions for MP4Box and GPAC on all supported platforms.


Learn how to build and run GPAC's test suite.

The testsuite scripts is always a good place to understand GPAC tools usage.

Continuous integration

GPAC is continuously built and tested through a buildbot server: