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Upgrading or Changing Branch

In source tree building

If you build GPAC directly in the source tree (i.e., running ./configure && make in the same directory as the configure script), the following steps must be done when upgrading your code base to a new version of GPAC, or when switching branches:

  • uninstall any previous version of GPAC (optional, the build system as of 1.0 is independent from the presence of any other version of libgpac headers on the system)

make uninstall

  • clean all dependencies and obj files - this will remove any local build files (dep, obj) and configuration file (config.mak, config.log ...)

make distclean

  • reconfigure


  • build

make -j

Out of source tree building

To avoid the issue of cleaning dependencies, it is safer to have one dedicated build directory for each branch you test:

  • mkdir bin/master && cd bin/master && ../../configure && make -j
  • mkdir bin/somebranch && cd bin/master && git checkout somebranch && ../../configure && make -j

By doing so, you don't need to cleanup or reconfigure when changing branches:

cd bin/master && git checkout master && git pull && make -j
cd bin/somebranch && git checkout somebranch && git pull && make -j

You may however need to re-run the configure script in case the build system was modified after a git pull, but this is not very frequent (and usually the build will fail in that case).